Staying Calm In Court

Don't Believe These 3 DUI Myths

Going out for a few drinks after work or drinking at the local bar while watching a sporting event is not unusual. However, things can become bad if you opt to drive yourself home when your fun is over. You may think you know your options if you're stopped by a policeman along the way, but you might have the wrong information, and that can land you in court. Don't believe these falsehoods about driving drunk.

You Don't Drive Differently After a Few Drinks

The reason many people get pulled over and stopped while driving drunk is because they are making mistakes easily noticed by law enforcement officials. However, they think that they're driving perfectly well. It's entirely likely that you think you are sober enough to drive after two or three drinks, but you might not be aware of judgment impairment and slow reaction times that could cause you to fail to stop if you need to or accelerate when you shouldn't.

If you aren't absolutely sure that you are sober, do not get into a car and drive.

You Don't Have to Test Immediately

After you're pulled over and the police officer asks you to exit the car, you might already expect a breathalyzer test. To stall and delay the test until you're no longer inebriated, you might refuse or ask if you can wait to test later. This can be an enormous mistake. The police officer can charge you based on what they've seen of your driving and how you appear. Not only that, but some states will actually rescind your driver's license because you've not agreed to take the test. If you are confronted with a breathalyzer, being tested is the smartest move.

You Can Defend Yourself

You might want to throw yourself on the mercy of the court because you feel so badly about driving drunk, but that can have serious consequences for your ability to operate a vehicle for years to come, depending on your current record. That can affect your ability to work and otherwise get around. To protect yourself, a DUI lawyer is essential. They can negotiate terms for you and look for ways that the officer might have been in error during their interaction with you. For instance, a lawyer might be able to have the arrest thrown out because the officer pulled you over without good cause.

A DUI charge is a very serious one. Having the right information might stop you from hurting someone or causing legal trouble for yourself. If you have already been arrested, call a DUI attorney right away so that they can help you work on getting your life back in some kind of order.