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2 Reasons To Hire An Attorney To Help You Get Your Criminal Records Expunged

Having your criminal records expunged can often be one of the most important things that you can do after you have been charged with a crime, mostly because it can help you avoid future hardships in your life. Listed below are two reasons to hire an attorney like Goodman Katz Koonce & Maroc to help you get your criminal records expunged.

Determine Your Eligibility

One of the hardest parts about getting your criminal records expunged is the fact that every state seems to have different laws and guidelines when it comes to which crimes you can have expunged and how to go about getting those criminal records expunged. For example, in some states, you may only be able to have a drug charge expunged from your record after you've completed some type of rehabilitation program.

In other cases, the state itself might also limit which crimes may be expunged to misdemeanors. An attorney can help you out with this issue by being able to quickly and easily determine if you are actually eligible to have a crime expunged from your record before you end up wasting time and money on the expungement process.

Allow You To Legally Deny That You Were Charged With A Crime

Another reason to hire an attorney to help you get your criminal records expunged is because once the expungement is complete, you will be able to legally deny that you were charged with a crime. This is extremely useful when it comes to making your life quite a bit easier after a criminal charge, mostly because there are certain situations where your employment or living conditions may actually hinge on being able to deny that you have any criminal charges on your record.

For example, many employers or landlords will completely reject an application from an individual that admits to having been convicted or charged with a crime, regardless of the type of crime they were charged with. This can make it extremely difficult to get gainful employment or find a place to live. However, once the crime is expunged, you will have a much easier time getting a job or a place to live because you won't have to admit that you were charged with that particular crime.

Contact an attorney today in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you with getting your criminal records expunged. You should consider getting help from an attorney to get your criminal records expunged because the attorney can help you determine your eligibility and the expungement will allow you to be able to legally deny that you were charged with a crime if asked.