Staying Calm In Court

Taking Legal Responsibility For A DUI Crime

Getting drunk and operating a motor vehicle before sobering up is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make on a daily basis. Sometimes people neglect to realize just how drunk they actually are and end up causing accidents while driving their vehicles. If you collided with another person's vehicle and caused one or more injuries in the process, you must prepare to face the legal consequences for your actions. The wisest thing that you can do for the situation is to explain the incident to a DUI attorney as soon as you have the opportunity to do so. Reading through the information in this article might give you more security that you won't have to face the maximum penalties for the DUI crime committed.

Your Criminal History Is Important

Your criminal background is the most important thing that will play a role in the overall outcome of your DUI case. The reason why is because the extent of crimes you have committed in the past can give a judge a good idea of your character. For instance, if you didn't have much of a criminal past before the DUI incident occurred, it can prove that you made a mistake and might not repeat it in the future. An attorney will ask you several questions about your criminal background and expect the truth to be told as you provide answers. Dishonesty isn't a wise move because you will only hurt your case by interfering with the attorneys ability to fully prepare. 

A Discussion of Alcohol Addiction Is Necessary

Alcohol is another important thing that your attorney will want to discuss with you during the consultation. You must explain if you have an actual addiction to consuming alcohol or if you simply made the mistake of drinking too much of it on the day of the incident. If you have an addiction, don't try to hide it in an attempt to get a better sentence. Being open about the addiction is in your favor because your attorney will then know how to bring it up in court. For instance, he or she might inform the judge that you have an alcohol addiction, but you have a strong desire to overcome it.

A Plea Deal Might Get You a Reduced Sentence

After learning about your criminal past, alcohol consumption habits, and other personal things in regards to your life, your attorney may put a plea deal together. Basically, an attorney can present a judge with a plea deal in an effort to help you avoid facing a sentence that is difficult to cope with. Rather than you spending a large amount of time in jail, a plea deal might lead to you getting out sooner and serving your sentence in other ways.

For more information, contact an experienced DUI lawyer in your area.