Staying Calm In Court

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced DUI Lawyer For Court Action

When you are arrested for and charged with driving under the influence, you face going through an extensive legal process. This process can take months or longer to resolve. It could end with you being sentenced to jail and fined hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Instead of facing it alone, you can hire an attorney to take your case and represent you throughout it. An experienced DUI lawyer can advocate for your best interests and minimize any penalties that you may receive if you are found guilty.

Reviewing Your Arrest and Field Sobriety Test Video

Police officers are only human and can be prone to making grave mistakes when arresting people. They especially might make mistakes when they administer field sobriety tests and arrest people for drunk driving. 

To ensure that your arrest was lawful and that the officer gave the field sobriety test correctly, your DUI lawyer can review the footage of both. They can make sure that the officer had just cause to stop and detain you. Your attorney can also make sure that you legitimately did not pass the test and were subject to arrest.

Testing Your Biological Samples

Your DUI lawyer can also test any biological samples that you gave after your arrest. As you were booked into jail, you may have been compelled to give a blood or urine sample. The law enforcement center may have then used its own in-house laboratory to test the sample and find out your blood alcohol content level.

To ensure that the lab reached the right results and did not compromise the tests, your DUI lawyer can have the sample retested at an outside laboratory. The third-party lab can find out what your true BAC was at the time of your arrest. If your BAC was at or under the legal limit, your DUI lawyer can have the charges against you thrown out of court and the entire case dismissed.

Finally, if you are guilty of drunk driving, you can still hire a DUI lawyer to help you avoid lengthy and expensive penalties. Your attorney can argue for the sentence to be lowered to community service, completion of rehab, and no civil fine.

A DUI lawyer can provide critical benefits after you are arrested. They can ensure that your arrest was lawful and test results accurate. Your attorney can also argue down your DUI charges.

To learn more about what you can do, contact a local DUI lawyer.