Staying Calm In Court

3 Reasons You Should Hire A Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Although there are drugs that are legal to use in certain states, such as marijuana, getting caught with drugs illegally can lead to a long jail sentence. The problem with committing drug crimes is that sometimes it is difficult to avoid getting out of the lifestyle due to struggling with an addiction. If you were stopped by a police officer with drugs in your possession and got locked up, it does not mean you have to accept the maximum penalty for the crime. Depending on your situation and criminal background, it is possible for your sentence to be reduced. In order to increase the chance of not receiving the maximum penalty, you need help from a drug crime defense lawyer.

1. You Were Falsely Accused of Being a Drug Dealer 

There is a big difference between buying drugs for personal use and selling drugs to the public. For example, buying drugs for personal use is detrimental to your own well-being when used in private, while being a drug dealer creates a more expansive problem. Drug dealers usually receive a stricter sentence than offenders who were caught with drugs for personal use. If you were caught with a large supply of drugs that you intended to store for your personal addiction needs, you can get a longer sentence than deserved without help from a lawyer. You need a lawyer to help prove that you are not a drug dealer and are too addicted to the drugs you were caught with to sell them.

2. Your Character Can Go a Long Way in Court

Even if you were charged with the wrong crime, a lawyer knows that you committed a crime and must suffer the consequences. To make the consequences easier, a lawyer will ask you questions concerning your overall character that can build a defense for a lighter sentence. For example, you might be asked if you have ever done volunteer work or other types of humanitarian services. A lawyer might also ask for references of people who can say good things regarding your character, such as close friends, coworkers, or pastors. Displaying good character to a judge can play a role in getting a reduced sentence.

3. Hiring a Private Lawyer is in Your Best Interest

Taking advantage of the free legal services offered by a public defender might seem ideal, but you are better off hiring a private lawyer. The reason is that a private lawyer is more likely to put a lot of time into getting you the best sentence possible so he or she can build a good reputation to attract more clients. Although a public defender will work on your behalf, he or she will be less worried about getting clients because public defenders are appointed cases on a regular basis.