4 Things You Need To Know About Vehicle-Related Drug Possession

Were you arrested because drugs were found in your vehicle? If so, you may feel understandable panic -- but don't assume the worst just yet. A skilled drug defense attorney can help you understand your position and rights so you can get the fairest possible treatment from the legal system. Here are four helpful tidbits of information to help get you up to speed on your situation. 1. You Might Be Able To Get Your Car Back

What Could Pennsylvania's Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana Mean for You?

If you suffer from lupus, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, or another condition that causes chronic pain and seizures and you reside in the Keystone State, a new treatment option may be on its way. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is currently holding debate on Senate Bill 3, a bill that—if passed into law—could permit doctors to legally prescribe medical marijuana to patients who would glean some health benefits from it. However, with the federal government still classifying marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, you may find your new medicine remains a hotly debated topic.

Can You Sue For Personal Injury If You're Facing Criminal Charges From The Incident?

If you've suffered the misfortune of being injured by someone else, you may be mulling over your legal options -- including the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. While this can often be a relatively uncomplicated matter if you're involved in a two-person auto accident or other straightforward incident, you'll find yourself facing much more of an uphill battle if you were engaged in criminal conduct when the injury took place.