It's A Criminal Matter: Understanding Criminal Categories

People are capable of perpetrating many types of crimes, but the law tends to categorize them into a few main sections. Below are listed four primary crime categories: statutory, inchoate, property, and personal.  Statutory Crimes This category encompasses a wide variety of crimes that can be roughly divided into traffic offenses, driving under the influence (DUI) charges, financial crimes, and drug crimes. In general, this category contains statutes that are aimed at reducing the impact of certain crimes that tend to harm society as a whole. [Read More]

What To Look For When Choosing DUI Defense

If you have been accused of being a drunk driver, you might spend hours and hours finding an accomplished DUI defense attorney. A lawyer would be qualified to help you know the different factors of the situation and will offer the right legal advice. Furthermore, they will manage case-related documentation. Every qualified lawyer is taught to effectively use the laws and the legal provisions to support you with the best protection against the charges against you. [Read More]

What Happens To A Truck Driver Who's Arrested For DWI?

A DWI charge is always serious, but things get even worse when you're a professional truck driver. In addition to the possible criminal consequences, your job could also be at risk. Here's what you have to know if you're a truck driver charged with DWI. What Are the Criminal Penalties for DWI? The criminal penalties for DWI vary based on where you were arrested, how much you had to drink, and whether you have any prior convictions for DWI. [Read More]

Three Things You Should Know About Injury Claims For STI's

There are personal injury claims related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Below are some of the things you should know about such claims that may be discussed with personal injury lawyers. There are Two Basic Forms of Lawsuits The first thing you should know is that there are two basic ways in which an STI can trigger a civil lawsuit; here are them. STI Infection STI infection causes both physical and emotional injuries. [Read More]