What Does It Mean To Have Criminally Mishandled Money?

A major portion of white collar criminal law focuses on issues involving when it's illegal for people to mishandle money. This is especially the case if they work for organizations. However, people mishandle money all the time, and it usually doesn't lead to charges. What makes the mishandling rise to the level of alleged criminality? More importantly, how can someone accused of wrongdoing use the legal definition in their defense? [Read More]

What Is Your Defense If the Police Violated Your Right to Privacy?

One of the most worrisome things in American criminal law is the feeling that the police may have violated your right to privacy during a search. What sort of defense would a criminal law attorney use on behalf of a client under these circumstances? Let's look at how a lawyer assesses these situations and what your options might be. Gathering Information The first order of business is to figure how the police determined there was a chargeable crime. [Read More]

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced DUI Lawyer For Court Action

When you are arrested for and charged with driving under the influence, you face going through an extensive legal process. This process can take months or longer to resolve. It could end with you being sentenced to jail and fined hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Instead of facing it alone, you can hire an attorney to take your case and represent you throughout it. An experienced DUI lawyer can advocate for your best interests and minimize any penalties that you may receive if you are found guilty. [Read More]

Criminal Defense: Dealing With Felony Charges The Right Way

Felony charges are more serious than torts and cases such as personal injury cases. Felony charges can be brought against you for charges such as assault, sexual abuse, kidnap, manslaughter, and robbery with violence, among other serious crimes.  If convicted, these crimes carry a jail sentence of many years and, sometimes, even the death sentence. The best way to handle such charges is to start with having a criminal lawyer working on your case. [Read More]